Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


A new version of the Tech Lockdown dashboard is now available. Here are the latest changes:
  • Fixed an issue where adding domains to rules sometimes didn't work properly. The rule would appear to be added to the rule, but not actually be attached to the content policy correctly. This lead to some confusion over why whitelisting a domain wasn't working. This should be fixed now.
  • New: The domain editor now has another option for blocking domains containing certain keywords.
  • New: Added the ability to change the schedule for the Internet Downtime preset.
Read our blog post with more details about these changes.
FilterV2 is in Beta
We've been working on a new DNS Filtering platform, which we've been referring to as #filterV2. The new platform has been in early access for the past few months and we're finally ready to make it available to the public.
The new platform provides a significant capability boost:
  • Support for Standard iOS devices (full device management is no longer required)
  • IPv6, DNS over TLS, and DNS over HTTPS support
  • Powerful Content Policy composed of layered rules that can be scoped to a schedule, audience, and hundreds of apps, categories, or domains.
  • Unchangeable "breadcrumb trail" that shows changes made to your account, like if a rule was modified or turned off.
  • Invite other people to your account to share your DNS Content Policy.
  • Profile locking with more options for customizing how you lock it. A secondary email address is no longer required. The same concept applies where locking your profile will prevent you from changing settings that reduce restrictions, but you can still add to restrictions.
We've integrated an AI chatbot that is trained on all of the information we provide. Content blocking and device management can be overwhelming, but the chatbot will help people get answers to their questions more quickly.
Apple Config Generator
IOS devices can install a file that automatically sets the network settings on the device.
We released an Apple Config generator that lets you easily generate and install the config that would link to your personal Content Policy. If your iOS device is supervised, you can prevent the profile from being removed. Check it out.
Help Docs
With the release of the new platform, we've added a new help section to the website with tutorials. Check it out.
We have a new logo!
Premium Guides
  • Sidebar filter added to the guides page, for ease of topic and platform navigation.
  • Added some new Browser Configuration guides to improve blocking and bypass prevention.
  • Feature request link added.
  • Made improvements to customer support system.
  • Improved the installation process.
  • Android Admin App. We've completed development of this app and are currently testing it.
  • For Filter V2, we are in the development stage and plan on having a test version available soon.
A new early access group was added for members, new guide updates and quality of life improvements for the membership site, and the filter settings have been improved.
  • Add new filtering guide
Premium Guides (
  • New left sidebar on guides to help navigate between related guides
  • Added info on how to block VPNs and proxies with various blocking methods
  • Added info on how to block content while using a VPN or proxy
  • Updated dropdowns in the header
  • Updated footer
  • Improved search
  • Added more complete support for DNS Filter categories like security and privacy
  • Added timestamps to traffic logs